We don’t tend to associate hummingbirds with the holiday season (unless, of course, you’re gifting a loved with some hummingbird jewelry or another hummingbird-inspired gift). Hummingbirds are fair weather creatures due to their migration patterns that take them to warmer skies at this time of the year. But as it turns out, hummingbirds are uniquely suited to the spirit of the holiday season. hummingbird jewelry, silver hummingbird necklace Hummingbird symbolism—or its role as a totemic animal—is important to the many people who connect with the hummingbird and what it has come to represent. At this time of year when we are reflecting on the blessings in our lives, and enjoying time with loved ones, the hummingbird’s inherent lightness of being and joie de vivre are especially appealing. The hummingbird evokes joy wherever it flies, as well as a sense of play. silver hummingbird jewelry, Zealandia Designs And much like the holiday season, the hummingbird represents a break from the ordinary—a spark of beauty and unabashed delight. Our designers have sought to capture this spirit in our hummingbird jewelry collection, which features hummingbird solitaires, flocks of hummingbirds, hummingbird earrings, and this tiny bird in a variety of creative semi-precious stone settings.

Hummingbird Jewelry Symbolism

Do you have a treasured talisman you wear that has come to mean so much more to you than simply a necklace or bracelet you picked up years ago? A talisman can be anything from a simple initial pendant on a chain to an elaborate ring you inherited from your great-aunt Deedee the renowned snake milker (yes, that’s a thing – Google it). A talisman in there to remind us of values or qualities that we hold dear in our lives. It may symbolize recreation, power under pressure, or true, enduring love. A talisman also helps to draw these qualities to us as a sort of magnet for the positivity we hope to attract. Each of our hummingbird pendants and earring sets was created to become a kind of talisman for its owner. But who wears hummingbird jewelry? Are these people simply enthralled with the micro-sized bird and its singular beauty? Not necessarily. You may choose to wear a piece of hummingbird jewelry to invite lightness, sensitivity, and graceful movement into your life. It’s difficult to put on a delicate hummingbird necklace without being reminded of this bird’s larger than life presence in our world. hummingbird hummingbird jewelry hummingbird pendant The hummingbird also gives the bee a run for its money as one of our planet’s great pollinators, playing an integral part in our food chain. And as the specific movement of its wings borrows from the insect world, it has the power to hover in midair for as long as it chooses. For us the hummingbird represents the abundance of nature that is available to all of us, and the keen-eyed awareness to see it.