Jenny Byrne Zealandia Designs creator and lead designerJenny Byrne - Lead Designer

Jenny Byrne, Zealandia's creator and lead designer, was born in beautiful New Zealand, a place that still inspires her jewelry designs today. She weaves her initial love of the natural materials found on the beaches and rivers of the world with a deep fascination for spiritual and mythological art, creating the beloved Zealandia Designs jewelry line.

Her artistic sensibility grew as she continued to explore the natural world and as each collection was released. Today, Zealandia Designs jewelry is collected and worn worldwide.

Jenny hand selects all the fossilized ivory, shells, and natural materials for her design concepts.

"The idea of using ivory as old as the petroglyphs and the cultures that inspire me is very exciting. I like my designs to tell stories that honor the wisdom ancient people developed to explain and understand the forces surrounding them. I see early expressions of writing, art, and ritual as having an innate power, and incorporate this into my designs as silent incantations or mantra."





Satya LinakSatya Linak - Designer

Satya Linak is a Los Angeles based freelance Makeup Artist and Jewelry Designer who truly loves what she does. She studied Fine Arts & Photography in college, attended Makeup Designory in Burbank, freelanced with MAC Cosmetics for 11 years, and helped launch Surratt Beauty as their West Coast Lead Makeup Artist.

The catalyst to discovering her life's passion as a Makeup Artist and Designer was being diagnosed with cancer at 19. During this difficult time she experimented with makeup, wigs, fashion, and beauty, allowing her to feel much better about herself. Her enthusiasm for artistic beauty and makeup flourished as she saw how makeup goes beyond the superficial. It is a healing art that nourishes the spirit. Satya is inspired by love, compassion, life's journey, art, music, and making people feel good through her artistic pursuits.





Jessica Lins, Zealandia designsJessica Lins - Designer

Jessica developed a strong connection to the natural world during her childhood in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.  Her design career began with Zealandia in 2002, and since this time Jessica has focused on the love and wonder Mother Nature inspires and on finding her muse within our fellow creatures. A passionate photographer, painter, dancer, mother, and cook, Jessica delights in the process of creation in its many expressions.

In each jewelry piece, Jessica works to capture the beauty, movement, and emotion of the natural images and animals that speak to her heart. Her goal is to evoke reverence for the fragile world around us.

 “We all get caught up in the daily undertakings of our lives and have a tendency to loosen our connections with the natural world that surrounds us. We lose the wonder and awe many of us experienced as children. My hope is that we can all find a way to keep the light and love of these natural gifts that touch us firmly fixed in our day-to-day lives. A heart touched by light is a heart that inspires great change in the world around us.”





Adi Wibawa - jewelry designer

I Gde Putu Adi Wibawa - Designer

Adi lives in Bali and is the third child in his family. He started working for Zealandia Designs in 2007, doing a variety of work with the manufacturing team in Bali. In 2015 he started designing jewelry, in addition to his other work for Zealandia.

Being raised Balinese, Adi has a strong commitment to preserving and protecting nature. He believes and follows the “Karma Phala” concept, which explores the idea that every action we take will affect us at some time in the future. Adi considers nature not only an ancestral heritage, but also something sacred that must always be protected. It is this belief that influences Adi's work and beautiful jewelry designs.