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I just wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent customer service I received and the remarkable support of the product that Zealandia Designs showed again and again during the years of me being a customer.  It is refreshing to see someone that proud of what they create (and rightly so).

Natalia, CO

The Shamisen Player is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!  I wore it this weekend to a company party held at a Japanese restaurant.  I received many compliments from not only my coworkers, but also the Japanese owner and staff! You are truly a gifted artist with a generous heart! Forever a fan,


Houston, TX

"OMG I just received the Tree of Life and the Bees on the Hive and they are absolutely beautiful! What amazing craftsmanship and I love that the company cares about the environment. Thank you and I’ll be ordering again." 


"I just want you to know how much I love your work - this is my 4th pair of your earrings - I first had bees (also a lovely pair of bears) and I lost a bee - immediately went back to the shop where they came from because they are the only earrings I really wear all the time and she ordered another pair for me. Then I found the lost bee and gave the new pair to a friend. Now I've lost another bee (after about 10 years!) and won't risk not finding it again, so bees #3 are in this order. Call me a loyal customer!! Your work is constantly admired, and I think it is truly special."


"I received my earrings last week and I think they are just beautiful. They are just as I thought they would be. I'll keep watching your web page and eventually buy another piece from you. Your work is so elegant and the workmanship is perfect. Also, I couldn't believe you shipped them out right away and I love the boxes they came in. One happy customer!"
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. The gift arrived and she loves it. Well done on the necklace length, it's perfect. I would have given up trying to buy the product [due to bank issues] if not for you and how polite and helpful you are. Truly appreciated it."
London, England
"WOW, thank you for the super fast shipping! It was delivered today. It looks better than the picture and I'm sure Jill will love it. You're at the top of my list when looking for great prizes."
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I just received my very beautiful Zuni bear earring and pendant set and I could not be happier. They are every bit and more as exquisite as pictured and described. The careful shipping and lovely packaging was an added delight as it conveyed care and pride in your unique jewelry. I look forward to continued shopping with you."

Hamilton, OH

"I knew that Jenny Byrne was from New Zealand from reading the website home page. I literally got chills when I was originally looking at the pieces on Kauai - and turned over "Dreams of Flight" and saw the company name - if the piece itself had not clinched it, the name did. My daughter was embarking on her New Zealand dream and this piece was truly meant for her."

Alexandria, VA

“I’ve been a fan of Zealandia since I purchased the adorable mammoth ivory hanging bear. The jewelry designs are beautifully crafted and very unique. I love the artist’s use of mammoth ivory and various gems. Whenever I wear one of my pieces, I’m always being complimented and questioned about who the designer is. I’m always happy to say it’s by Zealandia Designs. I look forward to seeing what new designs have been created each year, so I can add more pieces to my Zealandia collection. Keep up the fabulous work!!!!”

Miami, FL

“It has been a great pleasure finding a line with such quality craftsmanship. The attention to detail is amazing! My customers have been thrilled to find something so unusual on Kauai.”

Tradewinds Kauai

“I am a designer myself, so I always appreciate quality, but my jewelry is a special thing for me because wearing it during some of the hardest times of my life has given me strength to face whatever I have had to face. It’s almost talisman-like for me, so I am always looking for beautiful, unique, powerful pieces. When I discovered Zealandia I was transported! Not only do the designs themselves have tribal and mystical influences, but the animal pieces themselves are totemic. And to get the opportunity to wear fossilized mammoth or walrus ivory makes me feel so close to the ancient organics of the earth! This line is beautiful, powerful, and sacred! I love it!

Helena, MT

 “I have to tell you, I have six of your pieces that my husband purchased for me. I’ve never worn them without getting compliments. They are beautiful and unique.”

Jacksonville, FL

 I have loved Zealandia jewelry for years …. Before I really knew that it was Zealandia. I picked up my first two pieces over 10 years ago at a gallery here in Olympia. One was the Eskimo face pendant/pin and the other was the canoe pendant/pin. I get many compliments on those two pieces every time I wear one of them.”

Olympia, WA

 “The originality and beautiful detail in the Zealandia jewelry make it a continuous asset in our store. It attracts new customers when advertised and keeps those returning who have started collecting it.”

Pensacola, FL

 Good morning, I recently visited Haines, Alaska on a cruise, and purchased some extraordinary mermaid earrings from "The Wild Iris" gift shop. Since coming back home to Calgary, I have received so many compliments on those earrings, and they are my favorites! My question is this......How can I purchase more of your exquisite pieces without going back to Alaska? Can I buy them directly from you? Any information would be appreciated!


 I wanted to let you know I received the Moonmaiden today and it is beautiful... I love the size-perfect for me as I am 5'10". Can't wait to wear it! Thanks again for your help.

Clermont, FL