Zealandia Design's Owl Jewelry

The natural world provides endless inspiration for jewelry designs. From the ocean depths to the forested mountains, we revel in the beauty found within.  One of our more popular designs over the years has been our beloved owl jewelry. [caption id="attachment_263" align="alignnone" width="551"]Owl Jewelry - Hand carved walrus ivory earrings and matching pendant The intriguing owl has a long and varied mythology among the world’s cultures. The owl is believed to have been the Greek goddess Athena’s mascot, valued for its inherent wisdom and serious qualities.[/caption] Unless you live in the country or are an avid birder, seeing an owl is probably a rare occurrence. Owls easily blend into their surroundings, they are often most active at night, and they are skilled fliers with specialized feathers that make practically zero sound. Catching a glimpse of an owl is like finding a four leaf clover in a field: first you’re surprised at your good fortune and then cautiously optimistic, willing it to be more than just a trick of the light.   [caption id="attachment_262" align="alignleft" width="273"]Hand carved fossilized walrus ivory owl jewelry The Zuni tribe believed that an owl feather placed near a sleeping baby would help him slumber safely through the night. The owl is nocturnal, hunting its prey with an uncanny stealth and vision.[/caption]     What Makes Owls Unique? Owls are known to symbolize ancient knowledge and intuition. Considering their excellent night vision and hearing, it’s little wonder why; they can quite literally see in the dark. Owls are exquisite hunters. They have specific physical characteristics that give them an edge when hunting: their ear cavities are asymmetrical, which helps them pinpoint the exact location of prey. Their large eyes are surrounded by broad, flat “facial discs” that amplify even the tiniest sounds. A Great Grey owl can hear a mouse squeaking half a mile away. In addition to their exquisite vision, they can rotate their heads 270 degrees. They can actually see what’s behind them! No wonder they’ve earned the reputation of magic, mystery and wisdom.   The smallest owl is an Elf Owl, weighing in at just 1 ounce. On the other side of the scale is the enormous Eagle Owl, weighing 10 pounds and with wings spanning over 6 feet. Owls are adaptive, as most successful creatures are. If their prey is active during the night, they’ll sleep during the day and vice versa. Some have even adapted to hunt fish! All owls are carnivorous and cannot chew their food so they swallow their prey whole. A hungry barn owl can eat up to 1000 mice per year.        

Owls Are Messengers of Change

Looking at an owl in a tree is an intensely peaceful experience. They exude steady confidence and just stare right back at you, blinking slowly. In many cultures, it’s believed that owls can transition easily between the material and spiritual world, making them symbolic of change. Wearing owl jewelry might offer some reassurance during difficult times. After all, change is inevitable and "this too shall pass."
When an owl shows up in your life, pay attention. The winds of change are blowing in.
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