Written by: Anna Are women tough to buy for? You betcha. And this goes double for women who love mermaids. We are a particular bunch. Unique mermaid gifts are hard to find. And unique mermaid jewelry is a particularly challenging category. There are a lot of mermaid themed gifts out there, and a lot of mermaid jewelry. But if you or your sweetie is anything like us, you’re looking for something that captures the essence of these enigmatic creatures… and maybe without the Disney hype. Mermaid Lore The call of the mermaid is real. Women (and men) relate to these mythic creatures because of their beauty, yes, but also because they seem to slip between worlds. The origin of the mermaid myth takes us back to Babylon and the god of the sea, Ea, who had the tail of a fish and a human’s (or goat's) upper body. Mermaids first showed up a little later in Syria as their goddess Atargatis, again with the hybrid fish-human body. [caption id="attachment_114" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Ea, the Mesopotamian deity Ea, the Mesopotamian deity.[/caption] Over the years, the mermaid has developed into the harmless and benign creature we now know. But it wasn’t always so. Our mythological history is full of tales of mermaids luring men to their death when they thought they spied a woman drowning. Mermaids have also been equated with sirens who sang their admirers to their doom, luring them out to a watery grave. We feel that unique mermaid gifts should celebrate the truly unique and ancient origins of these mystical creatures. A plastic mermaid figurine may do for your five-year-old niece, but it won’t do for the more mature mermaid lover. [caption id="attachment_115" align="aligncenter" width="417"]A Mermaid, by John William Waterhouse A Mermaid, by John William Waterhouse[/caption] The Key Ingredients in Unique Mermaid Gifts Sensational design has to top the list of perfect ingredients for your unique mermaid gift idea. Top quality design—whether we are talking about a bedspread or jewelry—simply never goes out of style. sterling silver mermaid jewelry Our mermaid jewelry line was created under two guiding principles: Each design has to be spectacular, and the materials have to be beyond special. How else to do the mermaid justice? Oh, and each piece has to connect the wearer to the elements, echoing the mermaid’s allure. And so we set about creating mermaid pendants, pins, and medallions that evoked the stories we all have come to love surrounding the elusive mermaid myth. For example, this mermaid necklace was designed to tug at heart strings as you see our graceful mermaid bound by forces beyond her control. These mermaid earrings are half sea dweller, half coquettish entertainer, raising the question as to whether the mermaid is more than the ideal we believe her to be. And our beloved Mermaid Medallion pin/pendant wears like a treasured talisman. Our mermaid jewelry is created with ancient mammoth tusk ivory—much of it over 15,000 years old. This focus on ancient materials is another nod to the mermaid’s age-old roots in our collective consciousness. While the mammoth may no longer roam the earth, he isn’t quite consigned to the hall of myth thanks to dynamic art pieces that give him (and our lovely mermaiden) a second life.