Written by: Anna We love layering here at Zealandia Designs—from clothing to desserts… and, of course, jewelry! Layering your jewelry is a great way to freshen your look and add a little extra interest to a classic piece. Our fossilized ivory beads are made from ancient walrus and mammoth ivory that is between 500 to over 15,000 years old. These beads are featured in jewelry that is perfect for layering and accessorizing. Here are four fun and creative ways to wear our fossilized ivory beads for that touch of natural beauty. Layer Your Ancient Ivory Beads as a Frame #1 – Layer a favorite focal necklace between two beaded strands for a Boho look that complements just about any neckline. The beaded necklaces pictured below (left) are two separate strands, and worn together they create a looped lariat effect. This sets off the Lotus Mandala necklace on its chain beautifully. Zealandia designs fossilized ivory beads #2 – Create a mesmerizing play on symmetry with our String Theory III ivory beaded necklace, pictured above (right). When worn with another symmetrical piece like the Winged Song hummingbird pendant (my favorite!), the look is balanced so that neither necklace overwhelms the other. You can try this framed look with a more delicate pendant necklace as well, or a shorter beaded strand in vibrant lapis/rich garnet for a look that pops against the fossilized ivory.   Wrap Bracelets and Ancient Ivory Beaded Earrings #3 – Our longer 16-22 inch beaded necklaces can also double as wrap bracelets. Loop the strand around your wrist a few times and stack it up with a favorite cuff, a set of bangles, or your watch. This is a simple way to re-work your beaded necklace and create a multi-strand bracelet look. Zealandia Designs ivory beads, wrap bracelet #4 – Fossilized ivory beads are the stars in our beaded hoop earrings and in our String Theory earrings. The earrings are created using varied shades of ancient ivory. Part of the allure of ancient fossilized ivory is that the earth naturally colors this material depending where it lies buried and for how long. No two pairs are exactly alike.  Our fossilized ivory beads are hand made by talented artisans and hand strung with sterling silver accents. We recommend you store them out of direct sunlight and avoid getting them wet to preserve the ivory’s coloring and integrity.