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Width 1 3/8” x Height 1 3/8" (approx)

Our treasured dragonfly finds herself in an intricate sterling silver setting, reminiscent of garden vines and flowers.

  • Hand carved ancient walrus ivory beaded body
  • New Zealand paua shell dragonfly center
  • 14 kt gold fill veined wings
  • Sterling silver setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors may vary due to natural variations in natural materials

Dragonfly Pendant

Dragonflies have four wings, each of which can be moved independently! This is part of what makes them such skilled, agile fliers. They are precision hunters, capable of nabbing insects out of the air while hovering, flying backward or any which way. In many parts of the world dragonflies are good luck, symbolizing change and self-realization. Dragonflies are magical little creatures and it's always a joy to see one zipping through the air.
This elegant pendant features intricate hand-worked sterling silver, New Zealand paua shell, a type of abalone found only in Kiwi waters, and a hand-carved ancient walrus beaded body. The fossilized walrus tusk ivory is some 500-3,000 years old and comes from St. Lawrence Island off the coast of Alaska. It has lain buried in the earth for centuries where it accretes a range of warm tones from minerals in the nearby earth. Our fossilized walrus ivory is sourced from the native Yupik on St. Lawrence Island where only members of the tribe have permission to dig and excavate this gorgeous and unique material.

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