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Width 1 1/4" x Height 1 1/8" (approx)

These dragonfly earrings from our popular silver dragonfly jewelry collection are a sketch in luxuriant natural materials and classic design—the perfect gift for any nature lover!

  • Fossilized walrus ivory beaded body
  • New Zealand paua shell center accent
  • Sterling silver and 14kt gold fill veined wings
  • Sterling silver setting
  • Sterling silver French hook ear wires

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Zealandia Paua Jewelry — Dragonfly Earrings, Silver and Fossilized Walrus Ivory

Our dragonfly earrings in silver and fossilized ivory capture the grace and decorative appearance of this beloved insect with hand selected materials and Zealandia designers' signature naturalistic look. These dragonflies soar on wings of gold—14kt gold fill, that is, as veining on their patterned sterling silver wings.

A live dragonfly weighs mere fractions of an ounce, but as a symbol he is larger than life. The dragonfly emerges one of the world's most impressive fliers after spending the majority of his life underwater as a nymph. His life cycle helps make him a symbol of transformation as well as speed, purity, and self realization.

We selected New Zealand paua shell as a highlight for its peacock coloring and glossy polished luster. New Zealand paua comes from the inner lining of a type of abalone found only in Kiwi waters, and it is the design focal point in all our paua jewelry.

The dragonflies' bodies are made from beaded fossilized walrus ivory, a 500 to 3,000 year old material that, like the dragonfly, has spent most of its life out of sight. Fossilized walrus ivory has lain buried underground for centuries, accreting its rich caramel to smoky cocoa hue. Native peoples gather it for carving, sale, and trade. It is an important cultural and indigenous economic resource.

The fossilized ivory's variegated coloring and earthy appeal make it an ideal accent in these carved ivory earrings from our silver dragonfly jewelry collection.

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