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Width 1 1/8” x Height 1 1/8" (approx)

Octopuses have been known to collect stones and shells - this charming octopus is guarding a shiny treasure made from carved mother of pearl.

  • Hand carved ancient walrus ivory octopus
  • Mother of pearl background
  • Sterling silver setting
  • Pin and pendant back—wear it both ways

Designer: Lesley Juel
Color Variation
Colors will vary due to natural variations in materials.

Carved Octopus and Mother of Pearl Pendant

Octopuses have long captured our imagination. Everything about them, from the way they move to the way they can shift the texture and coloring of their skin, suggests boundless mystery. To this day we continue to discover new things about these fascinating creatures. In this pendant the captivating cephalopod is seen guarding a beautiful treasure - an iridescent carved oval mother of pearl. Octopuses live in small dens like rock crevices and they'll often decorate their dens with stones and shiny trinkets. Perhaps this octopus is headed home with a new glistening mother of pearl treasure!
The material used in this pendant is fossilized walrus ivory that is some 500 to 3,000 years old. It has lain buried in the earth for centuries where it accretes a range of warm tones from minerals in the nearby earth. Our fossilized walrus ivory is sourced from the native Yupik on St. Lawrence Island where only members of the tribe have permission to dig and excavate this gorgeous and unique material.

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