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Width 5/8" x Height 1 1/8" (approx)

Our lustrous ocean earrings dance with captured light thanks to their faceted rainbow moonstone accents and signature wave detailing—a classic pair from our unique silver jewelry collection.

  • Faceted rainbow moonstone
  • Sterling silver wave detail
  • Sterling silver French hook ear wires

Designer: Jenny Byrne
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Unique Silver Jewelry – Silver Moonstone Wave Earrings

The ocean's silvery cast at dawn inspired this pair of silver moonstone drop earrings that are created in Zealandia's signature spiraling surf detail. Jenny Byrne, Zealandia's lead designer, grew up in New Zealand, and her earliest memories involve the sea's many changing moods. Her work is deeply inspired by the ocean of her youth and by her travels.

The rainbow moonstone featured in this pair of ocean earrings is becoming more and more rare. Its rainbow to luminous blue sheen makes it a beloved star in our unique silver jewelry collection. This stone glows against the coastal spray setting and catches the light from virtually every angle.

Pair this set of silver moonstone wave earrings with a pendant from our Northern Magic collection for a gorgeous set that highlights this semi-precious stone.

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