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Width 5/8" x Height 1 5/8" (approx)

Our fossilized walrus ivory earrings are inspired by an age-old material and a Minoan Crete priestess script that dates back to 1450 B.C.—a bold pair with an enigmatic story to tell.

  • Hand carved fossilized walrus ivory
  • Moveable sterling silver hinge setting
  • Sterling silver stud back and butterfly closure

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Priestess Jewelry – Minoan Crete Hinge Earrings

The hieroglyphic influenced text depicted on our Priestess earrings dates back to 1450-1375 B.C. in Minoan Crete where an early civilization lived on the largest of the Greek islands. The Minoans were influenced by nearby Egypt—particularly their fresco and goldsmith arts—and as a culture enjoyed a particular reverence for their women and a woman's place in society.

The Minoan culture was all but unknown until the early 1900's, though it served as an important bedrock for Greek cultures that followed. The vertical script on this priestess jewelry is known as Iereia, which means priestess. The Minoans worshipped a female nature goddess, and their art reflects this in its feminine depictions. We now know that priestesses were particularly important figureheads in Minoan culture.

This pair of walrus ivory earrings was designed around the Minoan script in Zealandia's signature moveable hinge setting that highlights the script as a tablet. The script is not the only ancient inspiration in this pair, however. The top accents in fossilized walrus ivory also take us back many centuries.

Our fossilized walrus ivory is between 500 and 3,000 years old. It spends most of its long life underground where minerals color it the warm toned range of earthy hues that make it such a desirable material. Fossilized walrus ivory is a prized addition to carved ivory earrings and fossilized ivory jewelry pieces such as this pair.

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