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Width 6/8" x Height 2 3/8" (approx)

Honey bees are such important little pollinators and they are worth saving. We hope our bee jewelry can help keep the conversation going!

  • Hand carved ancient mammoth ivory bees
  • Faceted citrine accent stones
  • Amber accent
  • 14 kt gold fill accents
  • Sterling silver honeycomb setting and French hook ear wires

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Fossilized Mammoth Honeycomb Bee Earrings

It takes the work of 12 honey bees to make just one teaspoon of honey. Over a span of several weeks, they travel hundreds of miles and visit thousands of flowers to collect nectar, which gets turned into honey and stored in wax honeycomb. A hive needs about 35 pounds of honey to survive the winter months, but lucky for us, they usually make quite a bit extra so there's enough for us to have some too. Honey bees are among the many species with rapidly declining populations due to pesticides and habitat loss. How can you help? By planting flowers, not using pesticides, and continuing the conversation with your friends and family. Our hope is that our bee jewelry can facilitate discussions about pollinators and why it's so very important to protect them.

The glistening citrine and golden amber are evocative of the delicious honey, pollen, and propolis that we associate with honey bees. The body of the bee is carved from ancient mammoth ivory that dates back over 15,000 years to a time when these wondrous creatures still roamed the earth. Since mammoths have been extinct for thousands of years, the fossilized ivory is a finite material that is collected and treasured all over the world.

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