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Width 22 mm x Height 37 mm (approx)

Bees need both pollen and nectar and there's a large variety of plants that offer one or the other. The flowers that will get the most attention from bees? Scientists tell us it's the purple ones! These beautiful amethyst stones are sure to attract attention, maybe even from the bees!

  • Hand carved ancient mammoth ivory bees
  • Faceted amethyst accent stone
  • 14 kt gold fill accents
  • Sterling silver setting and French hook ear wires

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors may vary due to natural variations in materials.

Bee Earrings with Amethyst

Do bees have a favorite color? Yes, as a matter of fact they do! Bees are inordinately attracted to blue, purple, and violet flowers. Bees have excellent color vision and are able to see ultraviolet light. Our beloved bee earrings have been paired with garnet, blue topaz, honey colored citrine, and now with this luscious amethyst. We're guessing if given the choice, bees would pick these ones. With the sharp decline in honeybee population, any and all pollinator friendly flowers are great to plant, the blue ones will just get a bit more traffic.
Our honeybee's body is carved from fossilized mammoth ivory, which has lain in the earth for over 15,000 years. There minerals color it rich and variegated shades of cream to honey or deep cocoa brown. This ancient material reminds us how, like the honeybee, our animal species can become threatened or even eventually extinct. Fossilized mammoth ivory is valued across the world for its age-old story and for the touch of irreplaceable quality it brings to art work and fine jewelry.

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