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SF633BR and SFG757C
Heart charm width 7/8" x Height 7/8" (approx)

Our fossilized walrus ivory heart silver bracelet features a garnet adorned silver heart charm and secure toggle clasp - wear your heart on your sleeve with style!

  • Ancient fossilized walrus ivory bracelet and charm
  • Faceted deep red garnet accent
  • Luxurious sterling silver link setting
  • Adjustable length secure sterling silver toggle clasp

Designer: Charm designer: Satya Linak
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Fossilized Walrus Ivory and Garnet Heart Bracelet

Our ancient ivory heart silver bracelet is both whimsical and wearable, perfect for the woman who loves heart jewelry and is looking for something unique. The toggle clasp is preferred for easy and secure closure. It is also adjustable, accommodating varying wrist sizes.

Our designers have selected fossilized walrus ivory as the primary material for this bracelet because of its variegated, earthy coloring and for the way it warms beautifully against the garnet heart accent.

Fossilized walrus ivory began its journey many centuries ago when it was buried in the earth. There minerals worked their magic to color the ancient ivory to its creamy hue. After erosion exposes the walrus ivory, native peoples gather it for use in pieces such as this walrus ivory bracelet and other fine art designs.

Thanks to this piece's special origin story and handcrafted quality, this is far from your typical garnet heart bracelet. Its one of a kind characteristics help make it a treasured heirloom you'll wear for a lifetime.

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