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Width 1 1/2" x Height 1 3/8" (approx)

Our mysterious silver octopus pendant is hand crafted with fine details, rich fossilized walrus ivory, and rainbow moonstone highlights that bring this captivating design to life.

  • Artisan carved fossilized walrus ivory body
  • Faceted rainbow moonstone accents
  • Suction detailed sterling silver arms and setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Fossilized Walrus Ivory and Rainbow Moonstone Silver Octopus Necklace

Who hasn’t gazed at the shape-shifting octopus and wondered at his mysterious life lived in the deep oceans? This fascinating creature and his malleable physical self inspired our designers to create a silver octopus pendant as unique as the octopus himself. This piece is finely wrought with textural suction cup details, ancient materials, and an eye for a touch of sparkle that make this pendant eye-catching and representational.

The faceted rainbow moonstone accents in our silver octopus necklace were chosen for the semi-precious stone’s mystical qualities. Rainbow moonstone is considered the stone of the spiritual realms and the psyche. The octopus is said to symbolize magic, mystery, and the potential of the unknown, among other qualities. As a creature of the sea, he is associated with water’s deep psychic properties. The pairing of rainbow moonstone and the octopus is an apt one.

We’ve used fossilized walrus ivory to represent the octopus’ changeable body. This ancient material is some 500-3,000 years old, lying buried for most of its long life where minerals color it a range of earthen hues. Fossilized walrus ivory is a prized natural material that takes us back in time, lending a fine quality and touch of antiquity to the jewelry and art works it decorates.

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