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Width 3/4" x Height 1 1/3" (approx)

Horus, the ancient Egyptian sky god, is celebrated here in his traditional form – as a falcon in this striking Horus pendant crafted from ancient materials.

  • Inked ancient mammoth ivory face
  • Lapis lazuli accent
  • Sterling silver details and setting

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Horus Pendant – Handmade Lapis Lazuli and Ancient Mammoth Ivory

Horus, the ancient Egyptian sky god, is often depicted as a falcon. This Horus pendant shows the right side of the god's face, and his right eye is said to represent the sun (his left the moon). Pharaohs were believed to be the embodiment of Horus while on earth, the embodiment of the "one on high." Horus acted as the protector and patron of the pharaoh, and is often shown throughout ancient Egyptian art in his bird-like form.

Our designers chose ancient mammoth ivory that is over 15,000 years old for the bird god's face. The face is hand inked to bring out Horus's majestic qualities. A top stone of lapis lazuli finishes this striking Horus pendant with a touch of rich color. Lapis has long been considered a symbol of wisdom, truth, and nobility, making it an ideal choice for this regal pendant.

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