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Width 1/2" x Height 1 3/4" (approx) Leather not included.

Our 14k gold fill and silver gecko pendant takes a snapshot of this captivating creature as he scurries up the fossilized ivory setting shaped in a softened tribal arrowhead silhouette.

  • Fossilized walrus tusk setting
  • 14kt gold fill band and gecko body details
  • Sterling silver gecko and setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Fossilized Walrus Tusk, 14kt Gold Fill, and Silver Gecko Pendant

The humble gecko is one of the most ubiquitous animals. He makes his home on every continent except for Antarctica, adapting to climates as diverse as the rain forest to deserts and cold mountains. They are the 'outspoken lizard,' chirping and clicking at one other to communicate.

Most geckos are nocturnal, which has lent them a symbolic role: the keeper of dreams. They are also believed to represent transition between the dream world and the waking one. The gecko is a survivor. Many geckos can drop their tails to escape would-be predators.

Our silver gecko pendant is set on a background of hand carved fossilized walrus ivory. This ancient material is some 500 to 3,000 years old and has spent most of its life buried in the earth. The earth colors the walrus ivory variegated shades from cream to deep cocoa, giving fossilized walrus ivory a rich and organic look. It is an important cultural and economic resource for the Native peoples who gather it for carving, sale, and trade, and it is highly prized for its relative scarcity.

14kt gold fill accents this gecko pendant's beauty and highlights the fossilized ivory's sunlit tones. This carved ivory pendant is equally striking on leather or a sterling silver chain, and it is sure to resonate with gecko lovers everywhere.

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