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Width 1 15/16" x Height 1 5/8" (approx)

This winged delight from our silver hummingbird jewelry collection combines our passion for unforgettable design with our commitment to the kind of detailed workmanship that makes this hummingbird pendant a true work of art.

  • Hand carved fossilized walrus ivory body
  • Detailed sterling silver beak, wings, and tail
  • Expertly balanced on a center bale

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Silver Hummingbird Jewelry—Fossilized Walrus Ivory Hummingbird Pendant

Our “Winged Song” hummingbird necklace is a stunning example of the kind of unique design work we do here at Zealandia. The delicate bird is pictured head-on in this piece, hovering and regarding the viewer with its special brand of benevolence. Legends portray the hummingbird as a healer, or a symbol of good luck. Some traditions hold this bird as sacred, and it is easy to see why the impossibly tiny hummingbird occupies such a large place in any nature lover’s heart.

Our artisans’ careful placement of sterling silver in this fossilized ivory and silver hummingbird pendant bring out the fine details in the hummingbird’s silhouette and in the feathered wings and tail. The emphasis on the bird’s wings gives this piece an almost angelic look and feel, adding to its talismanic appeal.

The hummingbird’s body is carved from fossilized walrus ivory, a gorgeous ancient material that is some 500-3,000 years old. Fossilized walrus ivory is a gift to us from the earth as well as from a creature who lived long, long ago. The ivory spends centuries buried underground where minerals color it a range of soft caramel to deep, rich cocoa colors. The Native Alaskans who gather our fossilized walrus ivory count is s a valuable cultural and economic resource; it is prized across the world in fine jewelry and art works.

This fossilized ivory and silver hummingbird pendant is virtually as light as the bird itself—a precious addition to your jewelry box!

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