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Width 1 1/4" x Height 1 1/4" (approx)

Turtles remind us to be deliberate with our decisions and to be patient as we work toward our long-term goals. Turtle jewelry can be a helpful reminder to ease your pace and enjoy the journey.

  • Hand carved fossilized walrus ivory turtle
  • Sterling silver setting and detailing

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Fossilized Walrus Sea Turtle Pendant

Of the seven species of sea turtles, five are classified as endangered. They are threatened by commercial fishing, ocean pollution, climate change, coastal development and are still to this day avidly hunted by humans for their shells, meat, skin and eggs. Zealandia Designs regularly donates to many conservation groups who are committed to stopping the decline of sea turtles, including World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, Ocean Conservancy, and Defenders of Wildlife. We hope you join us in supporting these groups as well as doing the most you can to reduce your carbon footprint.

Set in sterling silver, this sea turtle pendant features a shell carved by hand from fossilized walrus ivory. Our fossilized walrus ivory comes from St. Lawrence Island where native Yupik have exclusive rights to harvest and sell this fascinating natural material. The variations in color come from the different minerals in the soil that come into contact with the fossil for hundreds of years. It is a unique and beautiful material, treasured by collectors of fine jewelry.

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