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Width 1 1/8” x Height 1 3/4" (approx)

The curve of the detailed wave, the exquisitely carved blue whale, and the sparkling blue topaz stone make this pendant a treasured Zealandia collectible, sure to be cherished for generations to come.

  • Hand carved fossilized mammoth ivory whale
  • Faceted blue topaz accent stone
  • Sterling silver setting

Designer: Lesley Juel
Color Variation
Colors will vary due to natural variation in materials.
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Carved Blue Whale Pendant

Blue whales are the largest animal ever to have lived. A baby blue whale weighs 2.4 tons and is 23 feet in length. If it's difficult to picture that, maybe take a deep breath before trying to grasp the size of an average adult blue whale: around 90 feet long. The weight has never actually been recorded, only estimated to range between 45-136 tons. What a truly impressive creature! Aggressive hunting in the early 20th century pushed them to the brink of extinction. Although their numbers have increased slightly, they are still officially considered endangered.
The carving for this pendant is astonishing in its fine detail. The whale is carved from fossilized mammoth ivory that lay buried in the permafrost for tens of thousands of years. Fossilized mammoth ivory is a finite material and prized for its soft cream color that makes it ideal for heirloom jewelry that will be enjoyed for generations.

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