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Width 1 1/4" x Height 1 3/4" (approx)

Our bold silver and mammoth ivory bear pin/pendant captures the bear’s strength and magnetism in this intricate, detailed design.

  • Hand carved and hand inked mammoth ivory head
  • Sterling silver details and setting
  • Pin and pendant back—wear it both ways

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Bear Jewelry—Mammoth Ivory Bear Pendant and Pin

This striking bear pin also doubles as a pendant, enabling you to wear it both ways. It was designed to celebrate our ancient connection to the bear, which man has long held as a symbol of strength, courage, and spiritual guidance. Mythology dating back to some of our earliest religious groups have centered on the bear. It is a totemic animal that has become a kind of touchstone for anyone seeking a connection with their inner power.

This bear pendant is created with ancient materials and an eye for the kind of detail that has made Zealandia bear jewelry so renown. The head is hand carved from mammoth ivory that dates back over 15,000 years to a time when these wondrous creatures still roamed the earth. Mammoth ivory is prized for the touch of quality and history it lends to fine jewelry and art works. Our artisans hand ink each bear head to enhance the piece’s realism.

The bear’s sterling silver arms and claws are cast with intricate tribal-influenced designs that contrast beautifully with the bear’s smooth fur. Our Alpha bear pin and pendant can be worn as a talisman—a symbol of protection and guardianship for its owner.

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