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Width 3 1/4" x Height 1 1/4" (approx)

This fossilized ivory and silver wings pendant whispers of the Southwest with its intricate hand worked sterling silver detailing and sandy tones—a classic from our unique silver jewelry collection.

  • Fossilized walrus ivory tusk center
  • Hand worked sterling silver setting
  • Triple bale design balances the pendant beautifully on a chain

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Fossilized Walrus Ivory Tusk and Silver Wings Pendant

Our fossilized walrus ivory tusk and sterling silver wings pendant evokes flight and freedom with its graceful lines and desert Southwest inspired design details. This pendant is gorgeous when worn just below the collar bone or longer as a dangling necklace.

Our designers were inspired by Native American and eagle imagery when creating this carved ivory pendant. Sterling silver, which is often the preferred metal in Native American jewelry, works wonderfully here to evoke the fossilized ivory's desert inspired tones. The effect is both luminous and earthy, a collision of the spiritual and profoundly grounded experiences.

The center is created from hand carved fossilized walrus ivory tusk, a prized ancient material some 500 to 3,000 years old. The tusk has lain in the earth for most of its long life, gradually going from a pale white shade to a range of mineral stained hues. Fossilized walrus ivory can vary from caramel to deep cocoa. We do our best to strive for continuity between our jewelry photography and the handmade pieces we ship. However, the exact color of your fossilized carved ivory pendant may vary from what is pictured here.

Pair our silver Wings pendant with our wings bracelet or earrings to complete your Southwest look!

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