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Width 5/8" x Height 1 1/4" (approx)

This gorgeous paua necklace highlights handpicked pieces of this spectacular decorative shell in a timeless design featuring a rich mixed metal sterling silver and 14kt gold fill treatment.

  • New Zealand paua shell center
  • 14kt gold fill and sterling silver foliage


Zealandia Paua Jewelry - Mixed Metal Paua Necklace

Jenny Byrne, Zealandia's founder and lead designer, fell in love paua shell's radiant colors years ago and couldn't wait to feature them in her jewelry collections. Like Jenny, paua is native to New Zealand. It is their specific type of abalone. Paua is an important industry to the Maori people, and it is available in three distinctive types with each shell offering a varied shade of pearlescent material.

The shell featured in this paua necklace will vary from piece to piece - you can expect peacock, deep teal, and iridescent greens and blues to sunset pinks in your particular selection. No two pieces of shell are identical, and the watery ripple patterns help to make each paua necklace a truly unique treasure. A touch of natural foliage in sterling silver and 14kt gold fill finish this lovely pendant necklace that wears well with virtually any color.

We are proud to support the Maori's rich economic tradition with our paua jewelry collection. Free divers gather the paua from the rocks around New Zealand's coastlines, and the shell is valued around the world for its striking beauty.

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