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Width 1 1/2" x Height 1 3/4" (approx)

This mischievous and whimsical cat pendant tells a story in classic Zealandia style of our feline caught with his paw in the fish bowl, set in gleaming sterling silver and fossilized ivory.

  • Hand carved fossilized walrus ivory cat
  • Detailed sterling silver setting
  • Moveable hinge design at bale

Designer: Marianne Weeks
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Fossilized Walrus Ivory Cat Pendant, Silver

Our jewelry is renowned for its storytelling and pictorial qualities. Many of our designs take a snapshot of the subject in its element or tell a tale from the natural world. This cat in fish bowl pendant is no exception, capturing our mischievous feline in mid scramble as he makes a play for the goldfish in the bowl.

The sterling silver setting is highly detailed from the goldfish bowl to the patterned curtains behind the cat, giving this carved ivory pendant depth, dimension, and realism.

The naughty cat is hand carved from fossilized walrus ivory, a wonderful natural material that is some 500 to 3,000 years old. Fossilized walrus ivory spends most of its long life underground where minerals help color it a caramel to cocoa hue, depending on location. It is an important cultural and economic resource for the Native Alaskan people who gather it as well as a gift from ancient times.

This fossilized ivory cat pendant in silver is the perfect gift for any cat lover who relates to the cat's teasing and curiously playful nature.

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