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Width 1 1/4" x Height 1 1/2" (approx)

Our playful polar bear ancient mammoth ivory pin can also be worn as a pendant and is an unforgettable combination of Native symbolism and hand crafted artisan workmanship.

  • Hand carved ancient mammoth ivory polar bear
  • Detailed sterling silver setting
  • Pin and pendant back—wear it both ways

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Hanging Bear Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Pin and Pendant

Our designers are deeply inspired by polar bears and the very personal meanings they take on for people. This enormous creature can reach over 1,500 pounds in weight and is a powerful force. He takes on seemingly impossible conditions with relative ease, making his home on the vast and pristine ice. The polar bear represents courage, power, and purity of spirit.

Our Hanging Bear mammoth ivory pin/pendant is inspired both by the polar bear and by an ancient creature, the great mammoth. The fossilized mammoth ivory used to carve our polar bear pin is over 15,000 years old and has lain buried in permafrost or underground for centuries, long after the great mammoths became extinct. As the polar bear is also now threatened with extinction due to loss of habitat, the use of fossilized mammoth ivory in this carved ivory pendant is especially poignant.

The Native Inuit people of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland have a deep and rich mythology tied to the polar bear, a source of strength, courage, and sustenance to them. The polar is said to be able to assume human form and revert back to bear form at will. Myth tells of him being the first to teach the Inuit how to hunt seal. He is a teacher, guide, and source of inspiration.

This carved ivory pendant and pin features a sterling silver detail decorated with Native Alaskan bear symbols. It is the perfect gift for any bear lover or lover of Northern culture.

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