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Width 1 1/2" x Height 1 1/4" (approx)

Our beloved turtle heart necklace features rich toned ancient fossilized ivory and a fresh green peridot accent reminiscent of the sea's many moods and colors, all set into hand worked sterling silver.

  • Fossilized walrus ivory turtles
  • Faceted green peridot accent stone
  • Detailed sterling silver heart setting

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Fossilized Ivory Sea Turtle Heart Necklace

How we love the sea - and its delightful inhabitant, the sea turtle! This beguiling Two Turtles heart necklace features our passion for the ocean in every detail. The sterling silver heart setting is hand worked with a flowing wave motif, and the sea turtles are hand set with ancient carved ivory bodies.

The sea turtle is often seen as an old soul, a wise and adaptable creature who lives his life above and below the waves in a life woven inextricably with the sea. The sea and its wondrous creatures inspire many Zealandia's designs, and this turtle heart necklace is perfect for anyone who loves these animals as much as we do.

Each sea turtle is carved from fossilized walrus ivory, a prized natural material that is over 500 years old. This walrus tusk has lain underground for most of its life where minerals give it an earthy and luminous hue. It is used the world over in fine jewelry pieces such as this one and other handmade works.

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