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Width 32 mm x Height 45 mm (approx)

This blue topaz jeweled dragonfly pendant is a synergy of aqua and honey gold tones set into Zealandia's signature spiral motifs and finished with ancient ivory accents.

  • Ancient mammoth tusk ivory beaded body
  • New Zealand paua shell dragonfly center
  • Sterling silver and 14kt gold fill veined wings
  • Faceted blue topaz accent stone
  • Sterling silver spiral setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Zealandia Paua Jewelry—Blue Topaz and Mammoth Ivory Silver Dragonfly Pendant

This silver dragonfly pendant combines two favorite Zealandia motifs: the dragonfly and the spiral. The design is both brilliant and subtle with its delicate sterling silver and 14kt gold fill wing details and sparkling blue topaz accent. The colors in this piece suggest water, the dragonfly's natural habitat during its nymph phase as well as its winged phase following its transformation. Like the butterfly, this winged beauty signifies self change as well as purity and speed.

The spiral—one of man's earliest symbols—forms the backbone for this jeweled dragonfly pendant. It is used across the sterling silver setting and even extends to the bale, which curls and spirals around the chain in a vine effect. The spiral also represents change, the universe, and plumbing the depths of the psyche.

New Zealand paua shell highlights the dragonfly and is an ideal choice for its peacock coloring and glossy polished luster. New Zealand paua comes from the inner lining of a type of abalone found only in Kiwi waters, and it is the design focal point in all our paua jewelry.

The dragonfly's beaded body is made from variegated shades of fossilized mammoth tusk ivory, which dates back over 15,000 years when the great mammoths roamed the earth. Permafrost preserves the mammoth ivory's creamy luster or minerals color it rich earthen shades, depending on where it lies buried. Mammoth ivory helps ground this carved ivory pendant with a touch of ancient history.

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