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Width 1 3/4" x Height 1 3/4" (approx)

The graceful manta ray inspired this ancient mammoth ivory and silver pendant, highlighting the splendid ocean dweller’s bird-like silhouette.

  • Ancient mammoth ivory detail
  • Sterling silver wings, tail, and setting
  • Articulating moveable tail

Designer: Jenny Byrne
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Manta Ray Jewelry – Mammoth Ivory and Silver Manta Ray Necklace

The manta ray is one of the most impressive creatures of the sea, and our designers sought to do it justice with this creative manta ray pendant. Manta rays can grow to become enormous, and they can never stop moving because it is the passing of water over their gills that keeps them alive. These gentle giants grow to a wingspan of up to 23 feet.

Manta rays have become important symbols for various cultures over time, especially those peoples with a close tie to the sea. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to spot a manta ray while snorkeling or diving would describe the sight as a spiritual experience. The immense ray passes above or below like some sort of otherworld space craft, reminding us just how much of our natural world remains a mystery.

The mouth, eye, and gill area of this manta ray necklace are carved from ancient mammoth ivory, an ideal material to match the mystery and size of the manta ray itself. Mammoth ivory is some 15,000 years plus old, and it comes to us from the tusk of the mammoth, which has been lying in the earth or permafrost for millennia. This touch of ancient history reminds us just how fragile life on our earth is, and it takes us back to a time when these wondrous beasts still roamed.
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