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Width 3/8" x Height 1 5/8" (approx)

These sassy sirens are coquettish and playful with their mixed metal detailing and creamy ancient ivory accents—a favorite pair from our silver mermaid jewelry collection.

  • Hand carved mammoth ivory
  • Intricate sterling silver mermaid tail and setting
  • Rich 14k gold fill details
  • Sterling silver French hook ear wires

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Zealandia Mermaid Jewelry - Mammoth Ivory Silver Mermaid Earrings

For as long as we have sailed the waves, we have told tales of mermaids. Sea lore is rich with their sweet song and alluring charm. The mermaid is an object of desire and sensuality, and she is also playful. These ancient ivory and silver mermaid earrings catch the temptress in a sassy and flirtatious mood as she turns coquettishly to the viewer. It is difficult not to adore her, and she seems to know this.

The Delicate Mermaids' arms and faces are carved from ancient fossilized mammoth ivory. This ancient ivory has lain in the earth for thousands of years. Minerals color it the lustrous cream hue shown here, and it emerges as a gorgeous material that is ideal for carved ivory earrings such as this pair and other artisanal crafts.

Hints of 14k gold fill dress our mermaids in jewels fit for a sea princess, giving these mammoth ivory earrings an added touch of warmth and luxury. Pair our Delicate Mermaid earrings with a coordinating Delicate Mermaid necklace for a complete set!

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