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Width 1/2 " x Height 1 6/8" (approx)

This pendant represents everything Zealandia Designs has become known for: elegant design, intricate details, and gorgeous materials.

  • Hand carved fossilized mammoth ivory
  • Sterling silver setting and detailing

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.
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Fossilized Mammoth Spiral Pendant

Zealandia Designs has become known for remarkable, hand-carved materials and intricate designs. This pendant is no exception, with its elegant pattern of spirals and arches, topped with a gorgeous piece of hand-carved fossilized mammoth ivory. This pendant pairs beautifully with the matching earrings as well as with many of our other artisan-crafted earrings.

These earrings feature hand-carved ancient mammoth ivory. Thousands of years ago great mammoths roamed the Earth and eventually became extinct. Over the centuries that followed, their remains lay buried in the permafrost and their ivory tusks became fossilized. Erosion brought the tusks to the surface once again and they are lovingly carved into pieces for heirloom jewelry to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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