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Width 19 mm x Height 50 mm (approx)

This enigma pendant and pin from our silver goddess jewelry collection is radiant in warm golden tones set against hand carved fossilized ivory and sterling silver's moonlight gleam.

  • Ancient mammoth ivory carved face
  • Faceted semi-precious citrine
  • 14kt gold fill accents
  • Decorative sterling silver setting
  • Pin and pendant back—wear it both ways.

Designer: Jenny Byrne
Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Silver Goddess Jewelry – Enigma Pendant and Ivory Pin

Our mysterious enigma pendant can either be worn as a citrine drop necklace or as an ancient ivory pin, making this a truly versatile piece from our silver goddess jewelry collection. The delicately carved woman in this pendant/pin sees into the very heart of things, though she herself is cloaked in mystery. She carries the look of a priestess, or goddess, about her—serene, wise, and radiating an inner beauty.

She wears a faceted citrine drop accent like a golden crown and one at her throat like a powerful talisman. Citrine is known as the stone of imagination, success, good fortune, and personal power. A semi-precious gemstone, citrine is much celebrated for its sunny hue. Rich 14kt gold fill accents along her hairline further evoke citrine's liquid honey warmth.

Her enigmatic face is carved from fossilized mammoth ivory, a prized material that dates back over 15,000 years to when the last of the great mammoths roamed the earth. Mammoth ivory retains its creamy tone if buried in permafrost, or it may accrete a deeper caramel to cocoa tone if buried underground near select minerals. Fossilized mammoth ivory's organic nature and age-old story make it a highly desirable accent in fossilized ivory jewelry.

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