Our ocean jewelry collection features many kinds of ocean critters including jellyfish, octopus and several different whale jewelry designs. Whales have been part of the ocean collection at Zealandia Designs since our early years and continue to this day to be a strong piece of our ocean jewelry collection.

Whale Fluke Designs

We have several whale tail designs, each with unique sterling silver detailing and settings. A whale’s tail is called a “fluke” and each fluke has a unique pattern of colors and shapes. Scientists often use this information to identify specific whales, since each pattern is as unique as a fingerprint. The tail, or “fluke” is a beautiful image to design around and we have several whale tail designs in both pendants and earrings.

Whale tale pendant

Whale jewelry by Zealandia Designs Whale tail earrings whale jewelry











2019 Blue Whale Jewelry Design

In 2019 we added the first design that featured a full body carving of a whale; specifically, a blue whale. Blue whales are the largest animal that has ever lived on the earth (even larger than any of the dinosaurs!) and can live up to 80 or 90 years. Blue whales can weigh as much as 24 elephants! They are astonishing in both their size and their beauty; we offer tribute to these impressive creatures with our collection of whale jewelry.


Whale pendant and matching earrings Blue Whale jewelry set featuring blue topaz

Detailed Craftsmanship

All whales are carnivorous and predatory; the main difference in whales is how they catch their prey. There are two main types of whales: toothed whales and baleen whales. Toothed whales use their teeth to grab prey like fish, squid and octopus). Baleen whales don’t have any teeth and instead pull ocean water through baleen plates to filter out small fish and krill. Blue whales are an example of baleen whales. Look closely at the Blue Whale pendant carving and you can see the throat pleats that allow the whale’s mouth to expand as it takes in water to filter through the baleen plates. Our designs often take into account the anatomical details of plants and animals, which is one the reasons our designs are admired and collected by people who love the natural world as much as we do.





A few more fun facts about whales:

  • Killer whales can live for more than 100 years.
  • A Narwhal is a toothed whale, with just one single tooth that grows straight out of its head like a jousting sword.
  • A sperm whale has about 40-50 teeth, with each tooth weighing up to two pounds!

Sunset Spray whale tail jewelry with paua and amber