The Zealandia Designs' amethyst jewelry collection continues to grow, with the addition of four amethyst bee pieces in 2019. Two different pairs of amethyst bee earrings are also available as matching pendants, making a striking jewelry set that can be worn in combination. The pairing of amethyst with bees is especially poignant, as detailed in this earlier post, "What's a Bee's Favorite Color?"

Model wearing matching bee earrings & pendant "Bee In the Garden" earrings & pendant
Model wearing matching bee earrings & pendant Amethyst Bees earrings & pendant













Amethyst is a semi-precious stone representing calm, balance, peace, and enhanced intuition. Intuition is perhaps the oldest and most integral of wisdom's diverse expressions. The glistening amethyst beautifully compliments the creamy colors of fossilized ivory, creating a classic nature-inspired combination. Throughout history, amethyst was believed to offer a variety of protections - from preventing drunkenness to safety in battle. In modern culture, amethyst is widely admired and is the traditional birthstone for February.


Cat pendant with amethyst stones "Companion" pendant

Our "Companion" pendant features two sparkling amethyst stones with a gorgeous cat, hand-carved from fossilized mammoth ivory. The ancient material from extinct mammoths lay buried in the permafrost for tens of thousands of years until being unearthed and carved into stunning jewelry that will be loved for generations. This sweet kitty is a perfect addition to your amethyst jewelry collection.










Wise Woman goddess pendant "Wise Woman" pin/pendant

From our earlier pieces, the "Wise Woman" pin/pendant continues to be a popular piece. The archetypal pendant and fossilized ivory pin from our silver goddess collection calls to mind an ancient wisdom in a radiant piece you can wear either as a necklace or as a pin. Each detail is incorporated with intention from the woman's celestially inspired cloak to the faceted purple amethyst she wears. She takes on a deeply personal and specific meaning for her owner.









Cat pendant with complementary earrings from the Zealandia Designs amethyst jewelry collection "Companion" pendant with matching "Finding Balance" earrings

As a perfect complement to our Zealandia Designs amethyst jewelry collection, we added a timeless design that pairs beautiful with all of our amethyst jewelry designs. The added rainbow moonstone offers further jewelry combination possibilities without compromising the perfect complementary affect.










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