Citrine Jewelry

Folks born in November get a truly lustrous birth stone: Citrine! Citrine comes in a range of orangey-yellow hues and is often a rich golden yellow. It’s the color of honey, pumpkin pie, fall leaves, and sunsets. Zealandia Designs has many jewelry pieces that feature citrine stones, including many bee jewelry designs. The honey-colored citrine is a powerful complement to the honey bee designs and celebrates the valuable work done by those tiny valuable pollinators. There are many pollinators in the world, but just one that makes scrumptious honey. Citrine jewelry is a favorite of ours, and we delight in creating new designs that are accented with the bright shiny November birth stone.


What is Citrine?

The word citrine is derived from the French word for lemon. How perfect! This beautiful stone shines like the sun and is just as brilliantly yellow. It’s a happy, vibrant color that brings a splash of sunshine to your wardrobe. Citrine is a transparent quartz, and the yellow color comes from iron; it is found in all mineral environments and most commonly in igneous rock.




Our Citrine Jewelry Collection

Our bee jewelry collection is one of our most popular sets. We’ve designed bee jewelry with blue topaz, purple amethyst, red garnets, green peridot, and golden citrine. The use of citrine in the bee jewelry is especially sweet, as much of the honey bee’s world is yellow. The pollen, the honey, the propolis, the flowers they pollinate, and their cute fuzzy little bee bodies.

Honeycomb jewelry with citrine "Honey Hive" pendant with matching earrings
Citrine bee jewelry "Sun Kissed Bees" with citrine












Our Enigma pendant and earrings is another popular jewelry design that features the warm citrine stones. They were designed in the early 2000s and continue to be one of our top sellers. Who is this mysterious woman partially masked in a delicate swath of sterling silver? Her gaze is serene and all-seeing, though she is a paradox in that we cannot see all of her. She sees into the viewer while leaving some hidden part of herself obscured. A true enigma, these citrine drop earrings from our silver goddess jewelry collection are both fascinating and bewitching.

Citrine jewelry

Citrine jewelry











If you’re looking for a stone of happiness, positive vibes, and luxurious color, look no further than the Zealandia Designs citrine jewelry collection.